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Brilliant CBSE School
A School with High Expectation and High Academic Achievement
Brilliant CBSE School
Achieving Together - Succeeding Together
Welcome to Brilliant CBSE School
“Every Child Matters"
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About Brilliant CBSE School


“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men.”It’s a pity that education neither enables a person to stand on his own feet nor teaches him self-confidence and self-respect.
The school is proud to be affiliated with the nationally renowned educational body, CBSE, from the region. And it strictly implies the modern mode of educational methods; activity-based teaching and learning processes to bring out all-round skills and creative talents of the students to enrich the education in the vicinity.


Furnishes platforms of stimulating and challenging learning environment where students can discover and develop their full potential.
Attain remarkable academic standards by constant review of Educational curriculum.
Engages the best facilitators and benchmarking standards.
Provides students with opportunity to participate in activities that promote physical fitness.
Inculcate respect for all religions and cultures.
Provides a strong platform towards developing ecological and environmental awareness.

Groups For Higher Secondary Education

(Maths, Biology)

(Maths, Computer Science)

(Maths, Pure Science)