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Brilliant CBSE School
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Brilliant CBSE School

Olympiad Exam

We offered English, Maths, Science, IT, Hindi, social, and stem silver zone Olympiads
for students studying from classes  1 to 12.

VVM is a national program for popularizing science among school students of standard VI to XI, conceptualised to identify the bright minds with a scientific aptitude among the student community.

Brilliant CBSE School


Brilliant CBSE School

Spelling Bee

The Bee program begins with millions of students at schools across the country. Want to become a part of our mission of illuminating pathways to lifelong curiosity, celebrating academic achievement and enriching communities

Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha’ was established in the year 1918 by our beloved father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi with the sole aim of propagating Hindi in southern states. The first Pracharak was none other than Devadoss Gandhi son of Mahatma Gandhi.

Hindi Prachar’ was a movement that emerged as part of Freedom Movement and the leaders who led the nation to ‘FREE INDIA’ felt the necessity of making a single Indian Language the National Language, and through that language unify the people and thereby intensify National Integration.

Brilliant CBSE School

Hindi Exam

Brilliant CBSE School

Oxford Diagnostics Test

Oxford STAR is an assessment solution intended to help students, teachers, parents and school administrators profile students’ personality, scholastic ability and 21st century competencies and skills in a graded manner. Oxford STAR empowers teachers and school administrators to tune the teaching-learning processes with the help of a deep and flexible reporting system.