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Aeromodelling refers to the construction of model aircrafts that can be static (made just for show, cannot fly) or functional (made for flying or gliding). So what are these model aircrafts? Model aircrafts are mainly scaled down versions of real world plane. These models can be static or dynamic (that is they can either fly or glide). The materials used for manufacturing such model airplanes are polystyrene, foam, balsa wood and fiberglass. Different techniques are implemented for constructing models as per their functions. This article will discuss aero modelling in details especially for beginner,
BRILLIANT AERO MODELLING CLUB FORMED ON 2013 -2014 ACADEMIC YEAR with student strength of 46. Club offers 2 days camp workshops including the fly show by Remote controlled Aero plane with THE ASSOCIATION OF TASS institute of technology. 
School students visited the HINDUSTAN AERNAUTICAL LIMITED in Bangalore premises for familiarize Aero plane construction and flight SIMULATOR TRAINING in the year of 2015-2016